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    Zay for GM :)


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    Zay for GM :)

    Post  CarrotTopZay on Mon Nov 01, 2010 1:42 pm

    My Name :
    Zay Segura

    Ingame Name: ImZay

    My Age:

    My Experience in other universes, if you've ever been one :
    I have owned a server but closed it down because hosting it was a problem lol

    What you Think that You Will Improve :
    Less hackers, More events and i can be active

    Skills Involving In Game Activity :
    Ive played mapelstory for 3 years. And its been fun. Ive done off and on but i like this server alot so i'd like to help it out.

    Emphasize your Opinions on Why you should be picked :
    Cus im beast and you know it :]

    Are you responsible to be Trusted? If so, Why should I Trust you. :
    You should be able to know you can trust me. Make me GM and see where it goes from there cus i know i wont disapoint you.

    What is your plan Once you are Accepted :

    And a Final Test :

    A player is spamming Megaphones Constantly and lagging the server. They are Smegaing Profanity about GM's and other players. What will you do to stop them? Do you think Your punishment was logical and fair? Why was it Fair or Not fair?
    Ban cus cursing isnt allowed anyways. and specially if its toward GM's ban.

    A player Was Caught Hacking with Damage Hack , What Will you do to Punish them? Ban Them? What kind of ban is fair to the player?
    I will do jail them until you or a higher GM gets on and wait to see what u wanna do.

    Why I want to be picked:
    I wanna be picked because i know that when i see a hacker i'll be able to take em down right ther n then. And i like to throw events and i can be on lots :0

    I wanna be God because;
    I know i have the potential to help out the server

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    Re: Zay for GM :)

    Post  Metrick on Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:49 am

    all long words is Question not answer lol -.-

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    Age : 24
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    Re: Zay for GM :)

    Post  CarrotTopZay on Wed Nov 03, 2010 12:15 pm


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    Re: Zay for GM :)

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