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    Post  Shawty on Mon Nov 01, 2010 10:33 pm

    Wow .. o-o Nvm then -________- ; ;"

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    Game Master

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    Re: ...............

    Post  Coke on Tue Nov 02, 2010 4:45 am

    Shawty wrote:
    WhySoChink wrote:
    Personal information:

    • Name:

    Jay Kim
    • In-Game character name:

    • Age:

    • Where are you from:

    im From California But Attending College
    At Seattle Washington .

    • What are the hours you are able to play GENMS?

    My Thoughts Are NOT exact But Surely Between
    WeekDay's : 4 - 7 Hours each Day .
    WeekEnd's : 24/7 until i Drop Dead .

    • What Time Zone you are basing yourself on?

    My TimeZone is PST or GMT -8 .
    • What languages do you speak?

    Fluent English
    Korean -

    • Do you have any previous experience on private servers? Tell us about it.

    i Was a GameMaster in Several Server's
    i Have Pretty Decent GM Experience .
    uTopia Level 4 GameMaster
    DarkMateMs Level 4 GameMaster
    MapleTown Level 4 Gamemaster
    universeStory Co - Owner
    MapleZtory Level 3 GameMaster

    • What rate do you give to your MapleStory knowledge?

    i Would Rate MySelf 8/10
    • Global Maplestory experience:

    My Experiences ,
    i Am Currently A Dual Blader in Khaini .
    A Hermit in Broa
    But i Stopped Playing GMS

    • How long have you played GMS?

    About 3 Years .
    • Do you still play it?

    To Be Honest i Dont ,
    GMS Just Want's To Chew Up Your Lunch Money
    And Your Allowance For NX .
    Most Kid's Get Addicted Everytime They play Or Start
    GobalMaplestory And Use Their Allowence / Lunch Money .

    • What level?

    Level 71 Hermit [ iTasteGirls]
    Level 51 Dual Blader [iRawrNickk]

    • Which world?

    Broa And Khaini
    • What can you say about yourself in general?

    i Am Asian - American ,
    As a Regular Person
    i Just Like People Just The Way They
    Are in Real Life .
    But in Certain Situation Like if Their Cursing With
    No Reason's And Try To Act Tough Thats what You Call immature .
    if That Happens i Have To Defend The Person That's Getting
    E - Bullied .
    But Overall i Am a Friendly Person .
    i Have Several Hobbies ,
    Like Dancing , Sport's And instrument's / Drums
    i Love To Listen to Music And Make Beat's .

    • Why do you think you are the best one to fill this position?

    Because of Several Reason ,
    i Will Try Something New As Always
    Make The Server Fun And Exciting ,
    Also i Will Make Banner To Increase
    More Votes And Player's ,
    i Want GENMS to Stand Out With Pride .
    So i Will Try my Hardest To Keep This Server
    a Typical Community And a Strong Community
    i Will Not Advertise in Different Server Sites Or
    Other Site's Due To Mad Hate's And Disagreement's
    To This Server ,

    • If you have any other skills that could improve the community like developer or designer or anything

    i Am Good in Helping People on The Chat,
    when their Stuck On Downloading The Client Or v83 ,
    i Manage This By Teamviewer Or Private Chat Them
    And Discuss the Problem Privately without interruption
    it'll Flow Easily Then .
    Also , i Love To Make Banner's i Have a Small Amount of Experience As a GFx

    - Thanks For Reading My GM Application . Hope you Enjoyed it .
    - Shawty
    you didn't follow the format.
    you seemed like you quoted this message.


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    Re: ...............

    Post  Shawty on Tue Nov 02, 2010 7:29 am

    Had to Quote it
    So you Guy's Can Read it.
    And . Can You Put a Sticky To
    The GM Format .
    Cause it's More Easier ..
    Game Master
    Game Master

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    Re: ...............

    Post  Coke on Tue Nov 02, 2010 10:58 am

    i never see you went online before.
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    Re: ...............

    Post  Metrick on Wed Nov 03, 2010 3:05 am

    i saw 1time online but never saw online about 1hour before

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    Re: ...............

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